Dr Sammy_DJ

Dr Sammy

Dr Sammy was born and raised in the north suburbs of Athens, where he discovered psychedelic trance parties in the mid 90s. He perceived later his passion in the dj culture, twisting knobs on his older brothers mixing desk, picking up his tunes and playing a lot of different kind of music. Inspired from the early outdoor gatherings and european open-air festivals, Dr Sammy decided to follow the way of the psytrance scene and to push his DJ project, aiming to emerge as a very flexible Dj and ready to rock any dancefloor at any time 2012 has been for this guy a very active and busy year! Dr Sammy confirmed his position as a Residence Dj in "Amorphia Parties" and he played in all Greek Summer Festivals. He finally joined "Akida Artist and Dj Management" as well as "Blacklite Records", as a result for his constant work and persisting passion for the psytrance music and culture.

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