Last Call_DJ

Last Call

Last Call is a female psyprog project formed by Alexandra Urbano and Ana?s-Lin Chastres, two classical and jazz pianists. Their worthy musical background brought them together to discover the technological aspect of their passion. With energy and cadenced rhythms Last Call swings you into the dance floor. Blending all kinds of styles and telling stories through their sets, they intend to travel along complex melodies into a deep, colourful, psychedelic bliss. They built their name at Cristal Matrix? parties. Afterwords they became artists of the Canadian label Digital Freedom, and lately just joined the family of Blacklite records. They have already shared the stage with some of their biggest inspiration as Ace Ventura, Neelix, Symphonix, Protonica, Avalon, Sonic Species, Captain Hook, Zen Mechanics or Sensient.

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