Paratech_LIVE ACT


Paratech is the solo project of Bill Mavroidis and it started back in 2003. The project has been acting and growing since 2003 when Bill began exploring more deeply the music production process, until he found the style he mostly likes to play. Paratech has always been proactive and collaborative in the international psytrance scene, giving his artistic contribution to different compilation released on the most known recording labels all over the world such as Blacklite Records and Ovnimoon Records. He has already joined some of the highest quality psytrance festival around Europe, among which Aurora Festival, Halkidiki Dance Festival, Sadhana Open Air , Earth Drop Festival and more. Now he has finally joined the Blacklite Records Crew, where he already released two personal EPs in 2014 ( Layers Of Life EP and Sky Lines EP ) and where he will publish his new upcoming tracks. After long nights passed in the studio, now we can definitely say that Paratech has built up a proper individual style, producing a unique psytrance/full­on sound which balances perfectly with touches of goa and progressive music. Don't forget his name, you'll meet it around and around !!

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