Mar 29 - 2017

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly announce a new journey to Space. Spacetime Boulevard - Stop 2 will be OUT on April 27 2017

Spacetime Boulevard - Stop Two | AAVV

Coming at you soon like a starship screeching out of the cosmos, Blacklite Records presents the follow up to one of its most renowned compilations, Spacetime Boulevard. In this exciting sequel, the Blacklite navigators and helmsmen have compiled a diverse range of sounds for SpaceTime Boulevard Stop 2. On it we find a wonderful cross section of offerings from the likes of Audioform, Ingrained Instincts, Haffman vs Josh, Ninesense vs Inlakech, Nukleall vs Endeavour, Hasmodai vs Duendo, Sheenygami, and Nemo. Stop 2 will also showcase the first release of our newest star troopers Swell and Sun69 on Blacklite Records. Filled with pumping energy and ethereal psychedelia Spacetime Boulevard Stop 2 in guaranteed to blast you into another quadrant.

Feb 03 - 2017

Blacklite Records is very excited to keep the good news coming in 2017

New Artists Announcement - Dj Paradigm & Doro

Our family is growing and as the new year builds momentum  we would like to take this time to welcome not one but two new members to the Blacklite Records roster and gladly call them Blackliters.

First off is DJ Paradigm. Paradigm is from Los Angeles, California where he is one of the most known and respected DJ's and promoters in the United States Psy Trance scene. He has been around as a main character and motivator for nearly 20 years. Recognized as an outstanding DJ and very detailed party organizer , Paradigm makes an excellent addition to the family.

Secondly, we would like extend a warm welcome and hug to an old friend. Doro should need little introduction as he has been a known and welcome face in our home Italian scene for some time. As part of our extended family it seemed only right that we fully opened our arms and brought Doro in. His high energy sets and friendly vibe make him a perfect fit here at Blacklite and we could not be more happy to have him.

Please say hello to our two new Blackliters. We expect exciting things from these ones and so should you too.

JAN 23 - 2017

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents the new Nemo EP "Follow the Sun"
OUT FEB 22 2017

Follow the Sun - Nemo

Dear Blackliter,
It is with great pleasure we present to you Blacklite Records first release of 2017. We kick off the year in style with the first EP and release by Nemo on Blacklite. Follow The Sun is a journey into atmospheric progressive. Let yourself be carried away by it's smooth basslines, captivating melodies , crunchy grooves and daytime sun soaked vibes. What a way to brighten your winter ! Nemo is a new artist that has recently joined us here at Blacklite and offers us his nicely balanced and classy take on progressive. Nemo offers us a great promise of something genuine and special here. We don't regret our choice and you won't regret it either…;)

Listen, share and soak up some nice sunny daytime vibes.

NOV 23 - 2016

BLACKLITE RECORDS presents the second full Album by Nukleall - OUT DEC 14

Nukedelica - Nukleall

Hello Blackliters !

It's a pleasure to enrich our Discography with the second full Album by Nukleall - the founder and manager of this Label. After 4 years since his debut album, Nukleall is now ready to bring to the world another concept release about his life and the evolution of his artistic career along time. "Nukedelica" speaks about Nukleall's experience with the psytrance world, made of people who deeply influenced his path. 9 powerful and sophisticated tracks that explore different states of mind and consciousness, contrasted feelings and emotions - real and colorful as life itself. "Nukedelica" will be released on 14 December in all major digital stores and in printed copy. Save the date and don't miss this psychedelic masterpiece.

NOV 10 - 2016

Blacklite Records is proud to launch the new Endeavour Ep: D3f4ult! Out 30 Nov!

Default - Endeavour

Greetings Blackliters !

It is with much excitement that we present the newest release to the label. Endeavour is no stranger to the Blacklite family having previously released his album Antimatter with us. This time he is back with a exciting new 3 track EP entitled D3f4ult. With this new EP Ivan ventures into new previously unexplored territory. Diving deep into the often neglected and overshadowed middle ground that sits between sub genres, not only does Endeavour showcase his evolving techniques, he gives us something wonderfully different and interesting.

Sitting at the nexus of driving " Full On " and the darker Psychedelic "Forest" style D3ff4ult serves up something lovers of both Trance sub genres can appreciate.


OCT 5 - 2016

Blacklite Records is proud to launch the debut Ep by B.A.O.! Out 27 Oct!

The Spirit Molecule - BAO EP

After the great success of "Shapeshift", the debut Ep by Sheenygami, today we are very happy to present you another debut production coming on October 27th, which we are sure will enchant your ears and soul.
As the title itself suggests, "The Spirit Molecule" Ep by Nicola Filippini aka B.A.O. is a fantastic tale about the intangible qualities of mankind - the spiritual component that governs our earthly body.
B.A.O. is an Italian producer not new to the local scene and - for those blacklite lovers - his name will be not unheard. He contributed to our Catalogue with powerful tracks included in other releases on this Label such as Spacetime Boulevard and Alien Molecules VII and for his debut Ep he has created three energetic fullon tracks that will definitely mark his style in the Label.
Check the preview here and Save the date!

SET 16 - 2016

BLACKLIGHTNING 1.0 - Blackliterecords Label Party - 08/10/2016

Blacklightning 1.0 - Blacklite Recs Label Party

Blacklite Records is back to town. After some time out of the party scene, we are now proud to announce a great Event that will hit your senses and delight your soul. As a lightning announces the storm, Blacklightning will overwhelm you in a blaze of psychedelic energy.
For this occasion, many artists will gather in Turin, on October 8th 2016, and they will perform for you on stage: our blackliters Ninesense, Paratech, Nukleall, Bao, Sheenygami and Miss Tekix plus three guests that have always supported our project: Kim, Microdot and their shared project Filtherheads.
For more info please check our official event on Facebook.
Be there!

AUG 31 - 2016

Out 21 Sept 2016

Sheenygami EP - Shapeshift

Dear Blackliters,
Welcome back! We hope you had enjoyed your summer and had blasted some dancefloors around with the Blacklite Sound. We are honored to open this new season with a production by one of our youngest and most talented discovery - Sheenygami, who has joined the family only few months ago. Andrea is quite new to the psytrance scene, but he has already given us clear evidence of his great sound manipulation skills. His debut EP, "Shapeshift" , blends together high-drive basslines, rich and captivating melodies, talking synths and epic spatial atmospheres, creating an energetic fullon trip at constant 145bpm. Shapeshift will be out on September 21 - save the date!

JUL 4 - 2016

BLACKLITE RECORDS welcomes Haffman from Mexico and Nemo from Italy!!!

New Artist: Haffman & Nemo

Dear Blackliters,
before our usual summer break we would like to delight you once more with a great news. In this last years, many Artists are asking to join the Label and we wanna thank them all for the trust and the love shown towards our project. Please, keep doing it. We are always looking for talented producers and our goal is to give the possibility to new Artists to approach the music industry in a professional way and to turn their hobbies into a satisfying and passionate job. As long as we will be able to contribute to the quality and variety of the psytrance scene, this will be our mission. We have been very lucky to meet during our journey two highly skilled musicians in particular, Haffman from Mexico and Nemo from Italy - two very different stories and backgrounds, but a common and marked passion for progressive & psychedelic sounds. Today, we are very excited to finally and officially announce them to the whole world as part of Blacklite Records! If you want to know more about them, check their personal pages here (Haffman) and here (Nemo) and stay tuned for more.

JUN 13 - 2016

Blacklite Records' summer sales! Get our entire discography at half price!

New Release Electromagnetic - Paratech

Hey Blackliters!
Summer is ready to start and we really don't want to leave you without some cool Blacklite music on your players. If you want to buy some, this is the right moment! For the whole month of June 2016, in fact, you can purchase our entire discography with a unbelievable 50% discount ! This means that you can get all 38 Blacklite Records' releases available on Bandcamp - with unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app and high-quality downloads of every release - for a worthwhile total price of €91.50. This great deal will include our upcoming release by Paratech, "ElectroMagnetic" EP, which will be out on June 21st ! Don't miss this opportunity! Only until June 30th ! Check our Official bandcamp channel and start exploring our World:

MAY 30 - 2016

Blacklite Records is glad to release the latest production by Paratech - ElectroMagnetic EP - OUT 21st June 2016 !!!

New Release Electromagnetic - Paratech

Goodmorning Blackliters,
We are very happy to release this month another genuine and fresh production by our prominent Greek artist Paratech. After a superbusy year, producing and performing around, Paratech gets back on track with 3 crazy tunes that will be all included in an Ep titled ElectroMagnetic and awaited to be out on the 21th of June 2016. ElectroMagnetic keeps a distinctive twisted psychedelic sound that will attract you to the speakers with his inner force and make you dance to generate a beneficial energy flow! Follow Paratech on the main stages of this summer's festivals, included the Ozora gathering, and be sure not to miss this exciting release. OUT 21st June - more info coming soon!


MAY 2 - 2016

Blacklite Records proudly presents "Tribal Gathering" EP by Owntrip !
OUT 17th May !

Owntrip Tribal Gathering - Out 17/05/2016

Hello Blackliters!
Happy May everybody!
This month we are going to fascinate you with something slightly different from what you are used to consider the Blacklite sound. We slow it down and we introduce the summer season with a more progressive yet captivating production.
We have chosen for the mission a great Artist from Spain, Owntrip, that already collaborated with Blacklite Records in some Eps from the Alien Molecules collection. His new Ep, titled "Tribal Gathering", keeps his distinctive progressive sound, with healing psychedelic melodies  above a full and energetic bass and drum pattern. The daydreaming atmospheres of this three-tracks Ep will connect your energy flow with the global psychedelic tribe, the same warmth and togetherness we have just experienced at the Festival he organizes every year in Springtime in Barcelona (for more info about Own Spirit Festival, please check the event page HERE).
Get ready for summer vibes! Don't miss this release!
OUT 17 MAY 2016 in all digital stores!


APR 8 - 2016

Blacklite Records presents: Sun 69, Sheenygami, Miss Tekix and Dj Bernz

New Artist Announcement - DjBernz, Miss Tekix, Sheehygami, Sun69

Hello blackliters,
we are very glad to include in our roster 4 international Artists that will commit themselves in spreading around the good Blacklite vibes. Straight from Japan, we introduce you Sun69, an eclettic and aggressive psytrancer, now fully focused on producing new music to delight our ears and dreams.
The second gem we like to welcome onboard could be defined as one of the most uprising and fast-growing talents in the local scene. His project is called Sheenygami and he comes from Italy, our homeland.
Last but not least, a couple of DJs that have based their sets on Blacklite's music: Miss Tekix and Dj Bernz blasting out respectively from France and from South Africa. Both of them have been active in the psytrance scenes since several years and their skill will certainly mesmerize and shock you. We are positive that the passion and energy that these 4 Blackliters carry will captivate and lead you to the best journeys you can experience on the dancefloor! Stay tuned!


MAR 18 - 2016

Blacklite Records proudly present Spectrum the debut album of Ninesense
a.k.a. Manipulation. Out on April 2016 in all CDs and Digital Stores

New release Spectrum - Ninesense

Dear blackliters!
We are very proud to announce Spectrum, the debut album of Ninesense, an amazing artist that has joined our Blacklite crew not so long ago. With origins in the Azores islands, Ninesense has recently changed his project's name (previously known as Manipulation) in order to welcome and boost a new era of sounds' experiment and a new chapter in life. This release is the first opportunity to tell the world what his new project is all about and we are sure that it's going to amaze you at first listen. "Spectrum" is a collection of 10 unique collaborations with 12 different artists that explores some of the alternative and kaleidoscopic styles of what we currently define psytrance music The release will be out in April 2016, so be tuned and ready to grab your copy!


FEB 15 - 2016

BLACKLITE RECORDS is ready for Alien Molecules Pattern Seven EP! 
OUT 08/03 /2016 !

New release Alien Molecules - Pattern Seven / AAVV

Good morning blackliters!
We are very happy to announce that our next release will be another crazy episode of the Alien Molecules Collection EPs, in few days reaching its seventh chapter! This will include an exclusive remix by Endeavour of a Plasmotek masterpiece, a new powerful fullon single by the Italian B.A.O. and a highly psychedelic release by the talented Ingrained Instincts, straight from Uk dancefloors.

Release date is set on the 8th of March, 2016, in all digital stores!
Please, enjoy this full blast production playing it loud.


GEN 25 - 2016

OUT 02/02 /2016 !

New release Limbic Express - Hasmodai

Hello Blackliters,
we promised you a great 2016 and here we are ready to start with some fresh sounds! Couple of months ago, we have welcomed in our Crew a talented artist coming from Mexico - Hasmodai.
Today we would like to introduce you his first official release with Blacklite Records, titled "Limbic Express". The three-tracks Ep will be out in digital stores on February 2nd, 2016, and it features collaborations with our Italian Padrino Nukleall and the Mexican producer Dr. Hoffman. Limbic Express refers to the fast and continuous journey of our Perceptions through the limbic system, to reach our brains and unleash our most colorful emotions. Save the date and book your trip!

GEN 15 - 2016

BLACKLITE RECORDS is proud to welcome Ninesense aka Manipulation in the crew!

New artist - Ninesense

Dear Blackliters,
happy new year to all of you!
We want to start this 2016 with a great announcement and we really hope you'll be so excited as we are! Another great Artist is joining our Label and will release his first full Album soon on these channels.
Some people may know him under the name of Manipulation , but recently, Nuno Cabral, the head and hands behind the project, started a new journey into psychedelic music with the name of Ninesense.
We are honored to welcome him in our family and we can't wait to share with you what this guy can give to the world of psytrance. His Album, named Spectrum, is coming soon, so keep it in mind and stay tuned!
For more information about this new Blackliter, check out his page and listen to his sound!

DIC 14 - 2015

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents the new EP ATIZAPUNK!
OUT December 30 !!!

Atizapunk - Nukleall

Dear Blackliters,
it's time to move one with another fresh Release! After diving into the past with our 5 years of Blacklite Records compilation, we are proud to release one more exciting and futuristic Ep during this 2015!
For your New Year's Eve, we are teleporting you to Mexico, guided by the energy of three guides of excellence: Nukleall, Holon and Haffman. Their sound describes the atmosphere of a psychedelic morning in a magical place all Mexican people know, somehow called Atizapan. Have a listen of what these crazy men have been up to this time...

OTT 03 - 2015

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly announces Alien Molecules - Pattern Six !
OUT 20 October 2015 !

New release, Alien Molecules - Pattern Six

Hello Blackliters,
welcome back! Did you enjoy this crazy summer? Are you also feeling overwhelmed with melancholy thinking about holiday time? We know you are. We are as well!
But, for such cases and not only, there's a powerful medicine we believe in and it is called progressive music! Once assumed, Progressive Trance induces visions of the magical landscape left behind: sandy beaches and chilling sea or steep mountains and wild waterfalls.
So, here it is the sixth chapter of the Alien Molecules collection, feauturing our psychedelic Progressive Beasts Time 2 Live, Haffman, Hasmodai at his first official release in this label and Tuk.

Turn up your speakers and enjoy the summertime once again!

SEP 10 - 2015

BLACKLITE RECORDS is proud to welcome on board HASMODAI from Mexico !!!

New Artist, Hasmodai from Mexico

Dear Blackliters,
we are encountering a proper Mexican wave! Right before the first official release on Blacklite Records by Endeavour, which will be out on September 21st in all major digital stores, another brillant artist from Mexico has joined the crew!
We are speaking about HASMODAI, the psytrance project by Alfonso Salinas, Mexico.
If you don't know him yet, please have a look at his personal page here.

He has started as a Dj back in 2000, performing in major local festivals and parties. He soon got interested in music production and after several years of study, he turned the Hasmodai project into a Live Act. He is already working on some amazing tunes that will soon be released on Blacklite Records. Remember his name and stay tuned!

SEP 02 - 2015

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents its first Endeavour release "Antimatter" ! OUT BY SEPTEMBER 2015 !

New Release, Antimatter - Endeavour

Dear Blackliters,
do you remember about Endeavour?
He first stepped into Blacklite in the Tribe Enchanters compilation with a track called "Replicant" and we loved him so much that we asked him to join the crew! And... he did it ! After several months of focus, he is now ready to release his first full album with us, called "Antimatter". The CD includes 9 powerful psy-prog tracks, created with killer collaborators such as Mechanimal, Nukleall, Paul Taylor, Virtual Light, Synkronic, and including an amazing remix of a track by Brainiac & Intelligence. Explore this amazing production and let the Antimatter crash into you!

JUN 18 - 2015

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents "Frequencies Ep" by HAFFMAN !
OUT 30 June 2015 !

New Release, Frequencies - Haffman

Dear Blackliters,
we are ready again to mess up your souls with another mighty release! Our friend and long-lasting collaborator Haffman has finally created his first official EP under Blacklite Records, titled "Frequencies". It is a three-track vibratory production that tells the story about one of the most ancient connections between humans and nature: music. This powerful release by Haffman, thanks to killah collaborators such as Nukleall & Barkode, is intended to align you straight with the vibrations of your soul and to harmonise your life with the equilibrium of the natural world. Enjoy the journey and connect your Frequencies!

MAY 21 - 2015

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents The Fifth episode of "ALIEN MOLECULES"collection! Out 2 June 2015

New Release, Alien Molecules - Pattern Five

Hello Blackliters,
finally we got to the fifth experiment of the Alien Molecules Collection. This time the molecule has been conceived and shaped by three artists that you should already know: Nukleall, head and heart of Blacklite Records, Spec3 from the mexican Catalyst Records and Paratech, one of the most talented artist of our label. The complex structure of the new alien molecule is a perfect combination of psychedelic elements and Fullon rhythms that will manage to bring you in a remote and unexplored world. (To be continued)

APR 14 - 2015

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents Earthspace - Wired Awareness EP

New Release, Wired Awareness - Earthspace

Hello Blackliters,
The Brazilian Matheus Nogueira, a.k.a. Earthspace, has invited some of his best collaborators to join a "Wired Awareness" experience. Three different experiments that have brought to unbelievable results, have been conducted with pure psychedelic intentions! The final products are three dancefloor dynamite devices just ready to explode! Featuring some of the best masters in our laboratories, such as Manipulation, Virtual Light, Nukleall and Space Vision, "Wired Awareness" EP will shock you for the intensity of its psychoactive power, making your blood boiling with unexperienced sensations! Listen, connect and be wired!

APR 02 - 2015

BLACKLITE RECORDS is proud to be Official Preseller and Info point for Sonica Dance Festival 2015 !!!

Dear friends and supporters,
we are honored to announce you that Blacklite Records will be Official Preseller & Info Point of the next edition of Sonica Dance Festival, which will take place next 12 - 17 August 2015, in the magical location of Dolomites Alps, Italy. Certainly you can't miss these unforgettable 6 days of music, art and magic, that are intended to celebrate Sonica's 10th anniversary. We feel extremely happy to actively join the celebrations and we really hope you will do it as well! Blacklite Records will be one of the official preseller, so if you want to get the superdiscounted second phase tickets don't hesitate in contacting us. Please send a mail to if you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity. For more information about Sonica Dance Festival:

MAR 26 - 2015

BLACKLITE RECORDS is proud to present a new artist from Mexico: Endeavour !!!

New Artist - Endeavour

Dear Blackliters,
our roster is getting bigger and more international! We are very happy to introduce you a great artist that has just joined our family: Endeavour, from MEXICO! He is already well-known in the local and international scene, for the quality and maturity of his music and he is joining Blacklite Records to conquer the world with his twisted psytrance. He is already at work for his debut album, which will include many collaborations among the continents and will convey for sure a highly innovative and contaminated sound. His passion for the production process, indeed, is aimed at exciting people and injecting them pure energy on the dancefloor. Start discovering this new Blackliter.

MAR 19 - 2015

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly announces Bao and "The Sphinx", a new Italian Blackliter and the new astonishing release by Purple Raver, Out Today!

News: New artist Bao & new release The Sphinx

Dear Blackliters, what a great day today! Two or maybe three very special announcements! Our activities are growing, our roster is getting bigger and our music is reaching the top charts! All Blacklite family thank you for the support that has brought us up until here! As you can notice, the website has been totally rejuvenated and easier to use. We hope you can lose yourselves browsing the different sections and discovering all about the family's artists, gigs and releases. Moreover, during these days finally a great artist and fellow Blackliter has officially joined our family!! We are very excited about presenting you B.A.O. (Behind Alien Odissey), from Italy. A great Blacklite collaborator and a mature artist that will drive you crazy with his morning FULLON style. Check his page in the artist section!

Last, and not least, we add another gem to our discography today! "The Sphinx", a super hot release by Purple Raver, is finally out and available in major streaming and digital stores! Enjoy this true masterpiece of morning psytrance and progressive style.
We know you will love it!

MAR 13 - 2015

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents The Sphinx the new Purple Raver EP

New release The Sphinx - Purple Raver

Dear Blackliters, Purple Raver strikes back with a brilliant and outstanding release: "The Sphinx"! This archetype figure has been ethernally connected to the mystery, from being the guardian of extradimensional doors to being the master of existential enigmas. Always linked to the inexpressible, its power goes really over the threshold of the human perception. Glowing the listener with its spell, Purple Raver is going to hypnotize you with his unique sound design and his modern smashing grooves. Featuring collaborators in the likes of Tuk, Middle Mode, Barkode and Liftshift, this EP is going to be a true masterpiece of morning psytrance and progressive production!

FEB 6 - 2015

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents Blackliters - Compiled by Nukleall -
OUT February 06 2015 IN ALL MAJOR DJS' SHOPS

New release Blackliters - Compiled by Nukleall

Dear Blackliters, As a tribute to our growing Blacklite Tribe we have produced "Blackliters" , the first Compilation produced exclusively by Nukleall and entirely dedicated to all the supporters, fans and friends of Blacklite Records and its initiatives. Nukleall takes this opportunity to thank the Family and Crew based in Turin, where everything was born and where ideas have been nourished and blended with the energy of this unique and magic Dancefloor.
This collection of tracks is a testimony to the extraordinary connection between Nukleall and all the people who have provided and continue to provide strength and inspiration to his project and to the label which he founded back in 2010.

DEC 23 - 2014

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents Paratech - Skylines EP
OUT December 23 2014 IN ALL MAJOR DJS' SHOPS!

New release Skylines - Paratech

Dear Blackliters,
we are very proud to present you the latest endeavour by our talented artist Paratech.
"Sky Lines" EP, which is his second official release with Blacklite Records, is a magical and organic journey that will drift both your body and spirit through an illusionary world, made up of an organic blend of deep emotions and overflowing perceptions. The sky lines which Paratech is sketching out here will hit you with energy and sensations all over your body, and will lead you in a sequential trance-like motion feeling that will equalize your frequencies with the surrounding environment. Feel the incredible strength of this Release and enjoy the impact with these pervading sounds!

NOV 11 - 2014

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents The fourth episode of "ALIEN MOLECULES"collection! Out 11 November 2014

Dear Blackliters, The fourth episode of "ALIEN MOLECULES" collection is out on 11 november 2014!!! It features 3 massive progressive tracks, crafted by artists such as Time 2 Live at his first official release, Owntrip and Liftshift & Riches. Enjoy the Preview and GET READY to Bounce!!!

OCT 22 - 2014

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents: a new massive artist from Brasil: Time 2 Live!!!

Dear Blackliters, we are very excited to announce you all that another great artist has just joined our family: Time 2 Live, from Sao Paulo - Brazil. We already saw him performing on major stages in brazilian festivals, and we soon loved his groovy sound. His project is a mixture of psychedelic and progressive trance, with straight basslines and a touch of world music.
We are very proud to include him as a Blackliter in the next episode of the Alien Molecules - Pattern Four.

SEP 28 - 2014

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents: Divine Medicine
Compiled By Dr Sammy - OUT SEP 26 2014 in CD by Arabesque Distribution

Music is a ritual of spiritual communication that has been practiced since ancient times in diverse tribal cultures around the planet. "Divine Medicine", V.A compiled by our shaman on decks Kostas a.k.a. Dr Sammy will teleport you to an ecstatic trance state that will offer you healing, consciousness expansion and awakening!

Check these nine unreleased tracks of massive psychedelic trance.

JUK 08 - 2014

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents: Alien Molecules - Pattern Three -

We are proud to present the third pattern of the "Alien Molecules" collection! A cutting edge release with three banging tracks, carefully conceived by artists in the like of Nukleall (Italy) and Spinal Fusion (India), Civa (Italy) and Disorder (Mexico). This time Blacklite Records is bringing you in a full on groovy experience, enlighted with a charme of magic psychedelic atmospheres. Get Ready to feel mentally exalted and emotionally satisfied!

Check out this amazing work.
To be Continued...

JUN 18 - 2014

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents: TUK - Liberate YourSelf EP -

Blacklite Records is very proud to announce "Liberate yourself" the second official EP coming from the Israeli producer Itai Leven, a.k.a. Tuk. In this second work, the artist wants to figure out the human bug for which we are all prisoners of our thoughts and feelings. In order to be liberated, we need to leave our own identity aside and reset our minds. Only when we will be able to live and look beyond opinions and judgments, we shall finally be considered free and independant. Tuk wants to connect everyone through his music frequencies. Let's abandon and liberate ourselves for something bigger.

Check out one of the most Progressive and Psychedelic Sound ever made.

MAY 06 - 2014

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents: Alien Molecules - Pattern Two -

Hello Blackliters, we are proud to announce "Pattern Two", the second episode of the collection "Alien Molecules". In this release, we are introducing three of the most interesting progressive artists of 2014 likes Tuk (Israel), Fasma (Greece) and Haffmann (Mexico). Three gems of the progressive trance scene that will make you explore different shapes and colours, driving you in one of the most psychedelic alien planet of the universe.

Check out this amazing work.
To be Continued...

APR 08 - 2014

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents: Paratech - Layers of life EP -

Hello Blackliters, Layers of lIfe is the first solo EP of Bill Paratech, one of the new outbreaking greek project that has recently joined Blacklite Records. The strong message behind this work talks about the multitude of different variables and individual possibilities that we live in our Life everyday. Nowadays is common sense thinking about the matrix of layers that appears randomly and continuosly in front of our eyes, creating a huge quantity of patterns. What Paratech made is to design and craft a unique tool to help you in this magic explorations!

Check out this amazing work.

FEB 25 - 2014

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents: Alien Molecules - Pattern One -

Hello Blackliters, "Pattern One" is the first chapter of "Alien Molecules", a collection of EP's conceived by Blacklite Records and developed with the collaboration of various talented music producers and psychedelic scientists, coming from all over the World. Three international artists will be presented in every single "EP". The saga begins with Holon (Catalyst Records), Audioform (Blacklite Records) and Spinal Fusion (Profound Records). Our desire is to cover the whole spectrum of the psytrance morning music styles! Don't miss this first mind-blowing and outstanding release! To be continued...

Check out this amazing work.

DEC 24 - 2013

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents: Martian Arts and Black Noise

Hello Blackliters,
We are glad to present Martian Arts and Black Noise - Cosmic Rattle EP only on Blacklite Records. The release is the result of research about our knowledge about the universe. Nowadays It is very hard to explore the 18-billion-light-year-long space, where galaxies and stars are born and die! Our kind spends vast resources to reach and thrive in new worlds.
We are driven by our curiosity and our need to answer the eternal question: "Are we alone out there?". The Cosmic Rattle is probably caused by the radiation emitted with the Big Bang and can be found in every corner of space, evidence of life itself.

Check out this amazing work.

DEC 03 - 2013

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents: Nukleall - "The Remixing Pot" EP -

Hello Blackliters,
Finally Nukleall strikes back with a fresh new release cooked @ Blacklite Studio: "The Remixing Pot".
In this EP Nukleall has prepared a special formula, remixing three mysterious and magical tracks: Attik from Mexico with "Mutante", Bao from Italy with "The Spirit Molecule" and Hypnoise from Spain with "Astral Journey".
The result is an astonishing potion that gives to this release a delicious emotion & to the listener a curious mental effect.
Don't miss this sensational EP. Pure Fat Psychedelic Trance!

Check out this Great Remixing Pot.

NOV 18 - 2013

BLACKLITE RECORDS present a new Brasilian Dj from Fortaleza: Dj ANDRÈ PJ

Hello Blackliters,
We are proud to announce that a new Dj from Brasil has joined Blacklite Records and our crew.
The name behind this project is Andrè Sousa a.k.a. Andrè PJ, grown in Fortaleza and now ready to expand his knowledge and explore the world.
Andrè PJ got involved in the psytrance and electronic music scene back in 2004 and soon he started djing.
After eight years of various activities, Andrè Pj has become one of the main head behind Nuact Production, a well-known psytrance party organization, based in Brasil.
He's now recognized as one of the most versatile psytrance and progressive DJs of his country.

Welcome on board, Andrè! Check out his music.

NOV 12 - 2013

BLACKLITE RECORDS present The Tribe Enchanters, the new magic compilation.

Blacklite Records has compiled the new V/A "The Tribe Enchanters", a project born from the idea of melting together some of the brand new interesting artists, coming from 11 different countries.
Names behind this projects are Audioform, Braincell, Mechanimal, Nukleall, Kim, Purple Raver, Earthspace, Endeavour, Tuk, Solid State Project, Hypnoise and Contineum. The new compilation will be out in the second half of November.
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NOV 02 - 2013

BLACKLITE RECORDS present a new french Dj from Paris: Dj JEREMIE

Hello Blackliters,
"The tribe enchanters" showcase party is near a week and we have already some druids cooking in our saucepan! We are really happy in this occasion to present to our crew a new talented dj from Paris: DJ JEREMIE. Bringing with himself a lot of good positive vibes, he's the last purchase of our label roster.
At the party we will have another international guest, already well known and appreciated by our crowd: AUDIOFORM from Athens. Just back from his summer tour around european festivals, he will present his new surely outstanding productions. The rest of the line up is formed by your favourite Turin's blasters! The party will be held in Silverado Club, via Nietsche 155/200.

SEP 11 - 2013

BLACKLITE RECORDS announces a new artist from Brasil: Dj EARTHSPACE

Hello Blackliters, we announce, with a big smile, that Mattheus Nogueira, aka Earthspace, has joined our label and crew. We are really excited to have him among us. The collaboration started this year with the successful "Evolutionary step" EP and it has been solidified during his summer european tour. Earthspace is a young and full of talent brasilian project, that has been launched by the globally respected label Mosaico records and now sharing his destiny with us. His music evokes the oldschool' Goan atmospheres, as well as being rich of a fresh creativity and a modern rythmical approach, updated with the contemporary production skills & techniques. Thanks brother to be a part of Blacklite Records!

JUN 18 - 2013

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents: Tuk - "Mind, Body & Spirit" EP

Hello Blackliters,we are here to proudly present our new artist and collaborator, Tuk introducing his first solo Ep signed under Blacklite Records: “Mind, Body & Spirit”. Tuk, Itai Leven, born in Israel in 1981, after many years of experience, is now well known for his unique sound and top quality production.“Mind, Body & Spirit” examines the relationship between mind and matter, consciousness and brain. This special EP delivers an hypnotic wave of frequencies that pushes the listener to a unique concious state, where space and time combine and the mind and body become one: the Spirit!

MAY 18 - 2013

BLACKLITE RECORDS Label Party in Turin Audioform and Contineum Live, and much more...

Hello Blackliters,
Audioform (Blacklite Rec) Live, Contineum (Mutagen Rec) live plus DjSet, Dj Phobos (Looney Moon Rec), Kimik Yiu (Blacklite Rec), and many more....
Be part of our first 2013 Blacklite Records label Party in Turin, a magic city where you can get the strongest magic energies around the planet. Saty tuned... Don't miss it!!!

MAY 14 - 2013

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents: Audioform- "LIQUID VORTEX" EP

Hello Blackliters,
Blacklite Records proudly announces “Liquid vortex”, the third official Ep of Audioform. Coming from the most secret places of Athens, Audioform is an uprising greek artist in the international scene and step by step he is building his own sound and style. 
Kickin’ up with his twisted rythm & bubbling synths, Audioform strikes the dancefloor with another strong psychedelic release! 
Let’s jump in the vortex! 
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MAR 26 - 2013

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents: Earthspace- "EVOLUTIONARY STEP" EP

Hello Blackliters,
our second release of 2013 is: "Evolutionary Step", the new EP of EARTHSPACE! This artist will drive you in a representation of every single moment of our life beyond space and time, matter and energy, where we get a new understanding of our human evolution and our relation with the nature that surrounds us!
Since the beginning of the time, Humans are seeking to understand each others, always thinking where we´ll get in the future. We have been crossed by an existential, spiritual and technological process that nowadays is not completely clear in the evolution of our world. Music has been involved in this too, transmitting feelings, emotions, information, thoughts and new ways of living and perceiving our universe.
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FEB 12 - 2013

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents: Purple Raver - "HIDDEN PATHWAY" EP

Hello Blackliters,
Blacklite Records is happy to start the 2013 with the second Ep of Purple Raver, an electronic music producer raised in Turin (Italy).
"Hidden Pathway" Ep is inspired by the alchemic snake Uroboros, a powerful symbol present in many ancient cultures, representing the infinity, the universal nature and the eternal return. Starting from this vision driven by an uplifting prog-tech surrealistic sound, Purple Raver new ep helps you to find your own hidden pathway for an endless cycle of renewal.
It features two solo tracks and one collaboration with Nerso from Tesseract Studio and Barkode from Blacklite Records .
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NOV 16 - 2012

BLACKLITE RECORDS proudly presents the first debut album of "NUKLEALL"

Hello Blackliters,
Blacklite Records is proud to present the first debut album of Nukleall: "Hundreds of years into the future", a project dedicated to all those people free to embrace new ideas, radically unconventional.
"Hundreds of years into the future" pictures a time travel of our mind and consciousness into a quantum perception of the world, where universe and humanity are far from what we are currently used to recognize as the reality nowadays.
This is an amazing result after many years of hard work and experiments!
Phantom sounds boost a strong sensation of fredoom, sustained by crazy driving grooves that will prime you to an overpowering desire of dancing!
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