5 Years of Blacklite Records


After five years of learning and blasting around, Blacklite Records is now ready to look back on the steps taken until now. The path has been uncertain and continuously changing but we have managed not to lose the right direction along time. This means, to keep the focus on giving you the most innovative and high-quality psychedelic music. In this compilation, you will find some of the most played and successful tracks released by Blacklite Records and our most remarkable past and current artists. "5 years of Blacklite Records" is an occasion to thank them all for believing in Blacklite and sharing their message through us, resuming our distinctive dancefloor-oriented psychedelic sound as it has been maturing since 2010. Last but not least, we would like to dedicate this greatest hits Album to all the blackliters around the globe for their steady support. Enjoy our best moments!

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Catalogue Number: BLKLDD002
Release date: 22/12/2015

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5 years of Blacklite Records