In natural world, the equilibrium of the system is strictly connected to a perpetual struggle between opposites. Each particle of the universe keeps its balance thanks to multiple forces, that clashing one another release the energy that flows through all human beings. This dualism gives life to the universe itself: as positive exists, negative must exist too. The purpose of this magical debut album by Endeavour is to touch our heart and soul from an alien's perspective and to guide us into a psychedelic journey that will explore the delicate balance between the energies of our mind and consciousness, between our Black and our White, between our Matter and our Antimatter. Every piece of music is a fresh creation with serious basslines and driving rhythms, a truly shakedown of all six senses. The album consists of 9 brilliant psytrance masterpieces including killer collaborations with Paul Taylor, Nukleall, Virtual Light, Mechanimal, Synkronic and a remixed track originally from Brainiac & Intelligence. Explore your inner energies! Let the Antimatter crash into you!

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Catalogue Number: BLKLCD007
Release date: 21/09/ 2015

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Antimatter - Endeavour