Cosmic Rattle
Martian Arts and Black Noise


Hello Blackliters, We are glad to present Martian Arts and Black Noise - Cosmic Rattle EP only on Blacklite Records. The release is the result of research about our knowledge about the universe. Nowadays It is very hard to explore the 18-billion-light-year-long space, where galaxies and stars are born and die! Our kind spends vast resources to reach and thrive in new worlds. We are driven by our curiosity and our need to answer the eternal question: "Are we alone out there?". The Cosmic Rattle is probably caused by the radiation emitted with the Big Bang and can be found in every corner of space, evidence of life itself.

Release infos

Catalogue Number: BLKLEP012
Release date: 24/03/2013

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Cosmic Rattle - Martian Arts and Black Noise