Don't make it happen


Hello Blackliters, We would like to introduce you "Barkode", a new project conceived by Nukleall and the first progressive trance project socially and politically aware. Available now with its first official release signed by Blacklite Records, Barkode comes out with a clear and truly touching message: "We are all part of a system that has lost its mean, focus and significance". "Don't make it happen" aims to start a movement of awareness where small changes in your everyday life can make a huge difference when looking at the whole picture. We have become more and more enslaved by our own inventions and facilities, we need to make real actions and adopt a more concrete behavior to fight a lurking system. Join this daily revolution, spread awareness.

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Catalogue Number: BLKLEP003
Release date: 31/01/2012

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Don't make it happen - Barkode