ElectroMagnetic EP


Our bodies are made of electrically charged particles that are the carriers of our vital energies. As we are dynamic, as we swing into space and time, our particles get accelerated and produce what we call electromagnetic waves. Among all the universal laws, this is the most deeply connected with the Blacklite mission, that is to have people beneficially exchanging their energies through dance. With this release, one of our most talented and focused ambassadors - Paratech, is ready to show you evidence of his great electromagnetic capabilities, attracting you to the speakers and activating this beneficial energy flow! For his third Ep with this Label, he has crafted three highly psychedelic trance tracks, a kaleidoscopic trip that will stimulate your body and mind to release their inner energies and to let your spirit meet the external world. Share your inner self with the planet!

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Catalogue Number: BLKLEP029
Release date: 21/06/2016

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Electromagnetic - Paratech