Limbic Express


Wrath, fright, passion, love... All our feelings and emotions are mammalian inventions, originated and housed in a tangled network of connections, called the Limbic System. This extremely accurate system supports our emotional life and allows us to distinguish between our personal agreeable and disagreeable. Here, our mere perceptions turn into our individual most colorful moods. For his first EP under Blacklite Records, Hasmodai wants to share with us the great story of Emotions and that of their incredible journey towards Consciousness. This production is for those who dare to explore their own Perceptive and Emotional life, through a pure experimental and innovative psychedelic trance, passing from tension to euphory, from calm to excitement. "Limbic Express" EP shows us how Music works as a catalyzer of Emotions and how its vibrations hit directly our brain and manage to give us particular States of Mind. Start exploring your inner World!

Release infos

Catalogue Number: BLKLEP026
Release date: 02/02/2016

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Limbic Express - Hasmodai