Spacetime Boulevard - Stop One


The Universe is a pulsating blend of Matter and Energy, which obeys to many immutable Laws. Great Men had devoted their life in order to unveil the mystery behind it. They have made possible for us to perceive the great complexity of the System. The new collection by Blacklite Records, titled Spacetime Boulevard, wants you to lift off towards the multiple geometries of the Universe; stop after stop, you will be guided on its magical roads and shapes, in the darkest spots and the brightest ones, over the most unknown and ancient galaxies. We have selected for you, as the beginning of this journey, some crazy mind-blowing Artists, such as Earthspace, Nukleall, Paratech, Audioform, Purple Raver, Time 2 Live, Endeavour and more. Stop 1 is a 10 tracks powerful album, a sample of what a Spacetime Travel would be like, a message that will vehicle your sensations till the hyperspace.
To be continued...

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Catalogue Number: BLKLDD01
Release date: 24/11/2015

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Spacetime Boulevard - AAVV