Spacetime Boulevard - Stop Two


A chime tones deep in your ear, almost from inside your mind… signaling the approaching stop a few parsecs away. You move to the debarkation pad as the transport briefly slows from faster than light travel on its cross quadrant trip. The brightly lit interior of the ship fades out in a translucent snow until your surroundings morph into a gritty but vibrant alien street. Stretching out in front of you farther than eye can see is an amazing market and bazaar of the most unique variety in galaxy. Colors the mind can’t even conceive, smells the senses can’t comprehend and a sense of excitement that is truly out of this world… Welcome to Spacetime Boulevard Stop 2.
To be continued...

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Catalogue Number: BLKLDD003
Release date: 27/04/2017

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Spacetime Boulevard - Stop Two | AAVV


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