The essence of Beauty is unity in divergency. It reveals itself through a colorful rainbow of different motives, that is not limited to a specific set but do fluctuate infinitely within a continuum. Music is the best way we know to shed light on all of these differences, and to push our imagination beyond its limits. With this highly experimental and energetic production titled "Spectrum", the brand-new blackliter Ninesense wishes to give you an inclusive overview of the variety of the current Psytrance scene, skillfully blending together all the different shades that are enclosed in it. Each track is a unique collaboration, featuring Artists such as Obliviant, Nukleall, Kim and many more: a shimmering combination of styles, rhythms, speeds, sounds and atmospheres. "Spectrum" is intended to cross the usual borders of psytrance music and to provide you a complete but limitless source for your mind and perception. From morning to night, from heavy basses to melodic high tones, this Album is a work of Art that suits every moment and mood. Explore this 10 tracks strong and invigorating production that will astonish and amaze you at first listen.

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Catalogue Number: BLKLCD008
Release date: 19/04/2016

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Spectrum  - Ninesense