The Sphinx
Purple Raver


Dear Blackliters, Purple Raver strikes back with a brilliant and outstanding release: "The Sphinx"! This archetype figure has been ethernally connected to the mystery, from being the guardian of extradimensional doors to being the master of existential enigmas. Always linked to the inexpressible, its power goes really over the threshold of the human perception. Glowing the listener with its spell, Purple Raver is going to hypnotize you with his unique sound design and his modern smashing grooves. Featuring collaborators in the likes of Tuk, Middle Mode, Barkode and Liftshift, this EP is going to be a true masterpiece of morning psytrance and progressive production!

Release infos

Catalogue Number: BLKLEP020
Release date: 19/03/2015

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The Sphinx - Purple Raver