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Since the beginning of its activity in 2010, Blacklite Records has developed a cutting-edge morning psychedelic sound, that flows switching from pure Psytrance to energetic full on and bouncy deep progressive. During the years of activity the enthusiasm and passion of his founders has involved many international artists, who have contributed to its exponential international growth. Today Blacklite Records is a world recognized label, as well as a respected and reliable reference point in the psytrance scene. By keeping its focus on sound innovation and on high quality productions, it has always been operating at local and global level, manifesting itself through its music releases and its blasting parties. Blacklite Records has currently become also a reliable and stable network of international artists coming from eight different countries. They are always on the move and you can find their names on the most important festivals and trancefloors line-ups around the globe. Their sounds hit the scene with a distinctive contemporary dancefloor-oriented psychedelic sound.

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Latest News

JUL 4 - 2016

BLACKLITE RECORDS welcomes Haffman from Mexico and Nemo from Italy!!!

New Artist: Haffman & Nemo

Dear Blackliters,
before our usual summer break we would like to delight you once more with a great news. In this last years, many Artists are asking to join the Label and we wanna thank them all for the trust and the love shown towards our project. Please, keep doing it. We are always looking for talented producers and our goal is to give the possibility to new Artists to approach the music industry in a professional way and to turn their hobbies into a satisfying and passionate job. As long as we will be able to contribute to the quality and variety of the psytrance scene, this will be our mission. We have been very lucky to meet during our journey two highly skilled musicians in particular, Haffman from Mexico and Nemo from Italy - two very different stories and backgrounds, but a common and marked passion for progressive & psychedelic sounds. Today, we are very excited to finally and officially announce them to the whole world as part of Blacklite Records! If you want to know more about them, check their personal pages here (Haffman) and here (Nemo) and stay tuned for more.